Diocesan Liturgy Camp, also known as DLC, is a non-profit organization managed under the Foundation of Catholic Community Services. DLC is youth camp for children aged six to fourteen that also offers a counsellor in training program for campers between the ages of fifteen and sixteen. DLC is committed to giving our campers the opportunity to grow intellectually and physically while challenging them to explore their full creative potential. Through games and activities, values and choices are presented in an exciting and thought-provoking manner. We aim to give every child the best experiences that a summer camp can offer, including liturgy, theme, recreation, workshops, swimming boating, and so much more!

Liturgy is a relaxing time in which campers focus on both individual and group growth by singing songs, reading thought provoking stories and discussing them all together.  Liturgy allows the children to critically think on their own actions which brings everyone closer together.  Theme allows campers to explore their relationships with themselves, their families, friends and the environment via activities that foster development. Recreation and workshops allow campers to release stress and build a sense of community through teamwork.  The workshops we create include dance, art, meditation, and sports.

We strongly believe that every kid should have access to an amazing camp experience, which is why DLC offers rates that are adjusted to family's incomes.  Eligible families can receive financial assistance offered by the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports under the Financial Assistance Program, which provides accessibility to summer camps based on a family's income.  Since we are a nonprofit organization, all counsellors and staff are strictly volunteer and the proceeds that we work so hard to raise go directly towards materials necessary for the week and to help subsidize costs for campers who cannot afford to come otherwise.  

We pride ourselves on never turning down a camper based on financial needs, however with our camper numbers increasing every year, we expect to have an even larger amount of subsidy requests than ever before. Camp DLC would greatly appreciate any donations to help make our summer camp even better next year!


Camp IS JULY 21-27 2019


Please click above to access the registration forms needed to sign up your child, as well as more information on camp DLC and payment. Please ensure you fill out all of the forms needed to register your child! (DLC Registration Form, Camp Kinkora Medical List and Media Consent Form).


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