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​Holly became co-director in the fall of 2019. She has been going to camp since before she could walk and has been a counselor for DLC and Kinkora House staff for many years. She is excited to take on this new role in her camp career as director, bringing together all her knowledge from her time at camp.


Vanessa is the newest co-director at DLC as of 2022. She started as a camper in 2010 and, despite her homesickness, had so much fun that she returned every year. She then joined DLC staff in 2016 and became head of fundraising in 2018. Now, she is eager to take on the position of co-director. She aims to ensure all kids feel safe and create lifelong memories.






Heads of Fundraising &

Directors of Recreation

​As heads of fundraising, Amanda, Jordy and their team are responsible for planning and putting together fundraising events to finance our summer program and help subsidize camp for families in need.


During the on-season of camp, they are also co-directors of recreation; they are in charge of all the games and activities for camp. They both bring such great ideas to fundraising and recreation, along with big smiles and, of course, fun!




Head of Outreach &

Director of Theme

​As the head of outreach, Madison promotes camp throughout the year to recruit more campers and keep current campers updated on ongoing events. She and her team organize outreach events, create promotional materials, and run social media platforms.


Madison is also the director of theme during the on-season. She plans the theme of the week, writes character skits and helps campers develop a discussion about themes in a fun way for all ages. She is organized, responsible and helps camp run smoothly! 

Director of Music

​As head of music, Cassandra is tasked with writing each years original theme song in collaboration with the whole staff. Together, the songs in the music program are also decided and our music book is created. 

Cassandra also organizes rehearsals and puts together the song list for our music program. No one is better suited for this position than this talented and creative lady!



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