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Wondering what it means to attend DLC?

Here you'll be able to see what activities you'll take part over the course of the week!

Wake up

At DLC we start our morning off right... if not a bit chilly with a polar bear swim! Despite all the groaning and dragging of feet, all the kids end up leaving with a smile on their face and feeling refreshed! Plus there's always a big breakfast waiting for them once they're done!


After breakfast the kids take part in morning recreation. Morning Rec is a great way to get the kids warmed up and feeling energetic for the day to come. Some of our favourite games are camp wide dodgeball and tag!

The fun begins

After morning rec, we head over to music. This is a time for kids to sing, stomp, clap and dance! Rumour has it that singing can be heard from across the lake when DLC is on site!

Following music, the camp breaks up into small groups for workshops! Workshops change yearly based on what the kids enjoyed most. Some staff favourites are boating, arts and crafts, hiking and sports! 

It's game time

After lunch, the kids get changed into swim suits and enjoy the beautiful lake! Every cabin also gets a day where they can go boating with canoes, kayaks and paddle boats. 

After we've soaked up some sun (and hopefully not too much lake water.. yuk!) we break up into teams and get competitive. Everyday, camp teams go against one another to win the challenge and ring the bell of victory! Challenges include camp wide scavenger hunts, water regatta and ballon recon.

After hours

Some days you never want to end and so some nights at DLC we stay up extra late and party till the sun comes up... or until the councillors sing the goodnight song and send the campers to bed. Regardless campers can look forward to late night events like bonfire party with s'mores and dance party night where the hall gets transformed into a late night club with lights and decorations!

Senior Campers can also look forward to special programs just for them after the little ones have gone to bed. Seniors play games like ghost in the graveyard, taffy pull and fear factor!

More to come

After a delicious dinner it's time to reflect on our day in liturgy. this is a quiet moment where the kids get to give say what they're grateful for and give thanks to the new friends they've made.

After liturgy is theme. Every year camp DLC focuses on a certain lesson we'd like to teach, for example, disconnect to reconnect (2019). During theme the kids do activities and earn pieces towards that years goal. Activities can be trivia, drawing a cabin logo or making a flag. 

We then get right back into the fun with one last activity. We take advantage of sun down and play games such as glow in the dark capture the counsellor or carnival night!

This is just a small look at what DLC has to offer!

We can't wait to see you this summer!

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